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Payments just got Better Easier Faster

At ExiPay, we live and breathe the often challenging, technical and compliance aspects of payments. This allows you to focus on bringing new solutions to market and on growing your business. Let us take on the “hard stuff” for you.

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What Are You Struggling With?

Tired of using outdated payment terminals?  Looking for a full omnichannel solution that can support multiple tender types?  We can provide you with an innovative solution to deliver vendor agnostic, fit for purpose payment terminals and digital payments to your customers.

Reduce Complexity

Simplifying complex mPOS and digital payment integrations

Speed to Market

Removing barriers, allowing you to get to market quicker

Payment Type Agnostic

Helping you take any payment type or terminal to market

Innovation Partner

We are neither a switch nor a hardware re-seller, we are your innovation partner as we take the journey with you.

Scale your business and unlock unrealised potential

Our mission is to power banks and merchant-facing PSPs such as aggregators and ISOs, as well as terminal vendors with innovative payment related technology. All our technology and solutions can be white-labelled.
Tap and Pay

Problems We Solve


Fragmented Payments

We consolidate  the processing of all payment  types under one unified platform.


Standalone Payments

We offer numerous POS and partner  integrations.  Our payment API’s enable simple partner integration.


Outdated Terminals

We work with some of the leading terminal manufacturers, to allow you to rapidly deploy fit for purpose payment terminals to market

Find Your Innovation Partner


By leveraging our ecosystem of partners, we can go beyond payments, including integrated POS solutions, loyalty, value-added services, and much more. If it exists, we can integrate it. If it doesn't exist, we can change that.

We offer an open commerce switch that allows merchant facing organisations such as acquirers, payment facilitators, and bank merchant divisions to offer card and other digital payments to merchants, and to extend beyond payments into digital goods and services.

We enable our partners to process card and digital payments, and we are vendor, device and tender-type agnostic. We partner deeply with banks, independent acquirers, payment service providers such as aggregators and ISOs, card schemes, device manufacturers and point of sale software providers in order to make payment capability available to SMME and other merchants. 

“Our cloud native infrastructure will help you scale, whether you have five thousand merchants or five million.”